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Easy-to-Use Transcription & AI APIs

Use our APIs to create audio transcripts, text and images.

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  Speech-to-Text API

Transcribe audio files within seconds for less than $0.17 per hour of speech.

100+ Languages

Supporting many languages with the option to translate in our API.

Speaker Recognition

Identify different speakers in the audio with our diarization option.


Get accurate transcriptions with minimal latency and the most competitive pricing available

High Accuracy

Whisper large-v3 is the latest and most precise speech recognition AI model.

  LLM Chat API

Generate text and chat with our AI model that delivers ChatGPT level performance at a fraction of the cost.

  • Different AI models (Mixtral, Llama 3.1 8B and 70B)
  • Streaming requests supported
  • OpenAI-compatible API, making it easy to switch

  SDXL Image API

Generate high-quality images from text prompts in just a few seconds.

  • High-quality images with Stable Diffusion XL
  • Create unique illustrations, photos and more
  • Just $0.50 per 100 generated images

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$5 / month

Includes 10 million credits:

  • 30 hours speech-to-text
  • or 10 million Llama-8B chat tokens
  • or 6 million Mixtral tokens
  • or 1,000 images


per additional 1 million credits:

  • 3 hours speech-to-text
  • or 1 million Llama-8B chat tokens
  • or 600k Mixtral tokens
  • or 100 images
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