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The Fast, Easy and Cheap OpenAI Alternative

Save up to 75% by using our speech-to-text, TTS, LLM chat and image generation APIs.

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Fast API

Our models are deployed around the world to give you the best possible response times.


Integrate our OpenAI-compatible API effortlessly into your application. Begin within minutes and seamlessly scale to serve millions of users.

Low Costs

Benefit from our extensive scale and performance optimizations, making our API more affordable than of any other provider.

AI Models You Know and Love

Simple access via API.

Affordable Speech Recognition

Speech-to-Text API

New: Speaker Diarization

Whisper v3 is the latest and most precise speech recognition AI model that enables you to quickly transcribe audio from podcasts, videos, meetings, and more into text.

Transcribe Audio AI API

Your GPT Alternative

Write and Chat With AI

New: Mixtral-8x7B Model

Generate text and chat with our AI model that delivers ChatGPT level performance at a fraction of the cost. Getting started just takes a few minutes with our OpenAI-compatible API.

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Zephyr & Mixtral-8x7B AI API


AI Speech Synthesis

Text-to-Speech API

Generate speech from text in milliseconds. Our AI model can produce high-quality, natural-sounding audio at the lowest price on the market.


Text-To-Speech API

Your DALLE Alternative

API to Create Images

Harness the power of one of the most advanced AI image models to craft stunning, high-quality images, graphics, and illustrations in a few seconds.

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Stable Diffusion XL API

Image AI API

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  • 10 million Zephyr chat tokens
  • or 1,000 images
  • or 30 hours speech-to-text
  • or 2 million characters TTS


per additional

  • 1 million Zephyr chat tokens
  • or 100 images
  • or 3 hours speech-to-text
  • or 200k characters TTS
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